About us

aboutDallas based renowned Jewelry designer Mahsooma Aziz founded her fine jewelry company Signature Diamonds in 2005. Since then she has constantly grown her company to meet the diverse needs of the jewelry connoisseur . Her sense of visual perception stimulates her ability to see designs in the least excepted places. Designed with the modern woman in mind Mahsooma Aziz creates a variety of unique and contemporary pieces. With over a decade of focus and experience she is creatively inclined to create a rare beauty in every jewel. Diamonds used in her jewelry are rare and brilliant and of the highest quality giving each piece an exquisite statement. At Signature Diamonds we listen to understand our woman and then create our jewelry to reflect each of her facets. Mahsooma Aziz has been an enterprising spirit willing to take risk and has a desire to please self-first so she can please her clients. A fact that has earned her brand a sterling reputation.

We invite you to experience this exclusive world at Signature Diamonds.